Rental Requirements

As with any type of fun, there are some sort of rules: some practical, some legal, and some just for your plain safety which is of our utmost concern. Following these requirements and guidelines provides for the best experience you can have which means getting the biggest 'bang for your buck'! Without further delay, here they are.


The following conditions must be met in order to have a successful event:

  • 20' X 20' Flat and level area (20' X 30' for Slides and Bungee Run, 40' X 20' for Monster Obstacle Course)
  • Ceilings must be higher than 18' for indoor rentals
  • A GFI protected electrical outlet within 100 feet of the area
  • All pet waste must be cleared from the set-up area
  • An adult operator must be present at time of delivery to receive training and sign the rental agreement


* .:: Indoor Rental Requirements ::. *

Inflatable parties are a great way to keep the kids active and jumping all winter long. Our slides and bounce houses can be set up in gymnasiums, halls, recreation centers and anywhere with high ceilings (20 foot minimum) and electricity.


General Rules of Operation

Please follow these rules during the use of the unit:

  • Equipment must be operated over a level smooth surface such as grass or a hard top surface.
  • The unit may not be operated on rough surfaces such as rock, gravel, brick or any jagged objects.
  • Unit must be anchored prior to use and deflated in high wind or gusts.
  • The unit may NOT be located within 3 feet of any wall, pole, fence or other fixed object.
  • User must furnish electrical outlet GFI with a dedicated 15 AMP fuse circuit.
  • Use of extension cords other than those provided by lessor is strictly prohibited.
  • Cleaning fee ($50) will apply for food/drink, silly string, intentional water and pet waste.
  • Lessee is responsible for all damages to equipment; this includes theft, fire, vandalism and other damages due to negligence.


Safety Instructions

  • Always have an adult/trained operator present to supervise riders
  • Never Jump or Play on a partially inflated unit (emergency escape hatch in roof in case of power outage)
  • Do not allow riders to play or climb on outside walls, sides, or roof of unit
  • Always follow “number of riders” listed on rental agreement
  • Do not plug and unplug motor repeatedly
  • Never put a hose or water on unit
  • In case of rain, remove riders, unplug motor and extension cord from outlet. Remove sign and paperwork. After the unit is deflated fold unit on itself to keep play area dry.
  • Ensure unit is on a level surface and not within five feet of any object
  • Do not allow riders to hang on or pull netting or columns
  • Do not allow horseplay on unit
  • No food or drink allowed on unit
  • No “Silly String” allowed on unit
  • No eyeglasses or jewelry allowed on unit
  • No candy or gum allowed on the unit
  • Follow all rules posted on unit and/or blower
  • All persons must remove shoes before entering any unit


Ohio Rider Responsibility Law

(I) “Section 1711.551 of the Ohio Revised Code requires that riders must obey all warnings and directions regarding this ride and behave in a manner that will not cause or contribute to injury to themselves or others. Failure to comply is a misdemeanor.”

With all that now said, are you ready to have safe fun? Give us a call now at 330 752-2351 to book your special event or if you have any questions not answered here on this site. You may also fill out our contact form and receive a free online quot with real time availability!


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